The early years.

This 1978 page from my high-school sketch book is amusing for two reasons.  The “home” image has a caption reads “For those who might be holding this in the 2000’s, this one’s for you!”  Nearby my mother is clutching my leg as I presumably leave to spread my wings.    I proclaim “Thanks for everything, but I’ve got to go!”  The hilarious truth is that my mom had to kick me out at age 23!  In my defense, I didn’t go to college, and the food was too good to leave.   In the lower part of the page I imagined one could make a floating train using magnets.   I don’t think I knew that others had come up with the idea seventy years earlier.   Today mag-lev trains are a reality.

In this sketch I reveal my knowledge of physics hadn’t caught up with my imagination.  I was under the impression that a jet engine could drive a propeller at the same time and it would some how add power.

After seeing Star Wars I whipped this up.  I was probably naively thinking I had a gold mine.   Within months, the Light Saber toy was for sale in toy stores.  I wonder how many thousands of kids had this same thought.

In these sketches, I don’t even bother to figure out the engineering.   The individual jet wing also became reality.

This high-school sketch appears to be influenced by the books on Star Wars technical designs.

Another fast-looking craft.

Interesting ideas from my later life.

This would make a pretty cool kid’s tent.  Especially when lit from the inside.

One-handed keyboard concept.

As I was going through the boxes of old stuff in preparation for this website, I discovered a sealed letter I had sent to myself in 1987.  I had no recollection of doing this and I couldn’t resist the temptation to see what was inside.  (See below.)

Inside the sealed envelope what was  supposed to be proof of a concept as witnessed by my landlord!  I recall that after playing with a tape measure, I imagined a watch made of similar material.  Once again, I was onto something but lacked the skill, money and smarts to develop it any further.  By the 90’s, someone else had cashed in on the “slap watch” and they are everywhere now.

After noticing that the cushions on hotel pool chases just got wet if it rained, I sketched out a concept for a easy fold-up, hard- top chase.

This three-stick phone was my impression of the future of cell phones when flexible screens become common.  This phone would open kind of like a bat wing.

In the above sketch, I was wondering if you could warm a pool and cool the air in an  enclosed structure by trading energy from both.

These sketches are of a two-chambered water bottle.  The idea is to create a solution for the millions of bottles of water are that wasted simply because a single drink has been taken from them.

Bicycle designs.  Why?  I have no idea.

In this flight of fancy I was considering the idea that a driver should be in a cockpit to have the best visibility.  It’s clear from these sketches why this isn’t common.

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