WOMAN-PRES-MASTERA letter I wrote to the Los Angeles Times in 1998, indirectly suggesting that Hillary could be Commander In Chief one day.  I always thought she stayed with him after the Lewinski scandal in return for Bill helping start her own political career.

I was ahead of my time as proven by the recent announcement by the trailblazing electric car manufacturer Tesla.  



A letter sent to the Los Angeles Times that was not published.  I wanted a police-style response but clearly George W. Bush took a different path.



As noted in my daily journal, there was an awesomely powerful storm on the 8th of July, 1993 that was part of a biblical-sized downpour across Iowa.  Within days there was a forty-foot deep lake in the food plain just south of the city.  The water treatment plant was overrun and we had no drinking water for seventeen days.  Clinton had to cut his Hawaiian vacation to view the damage.  When I learned he would be visiting a local News outlet, I whipped up a sign to greet him.   He yelled from his limo, “I love your sign!”  A week later my mom called to alert me that Newsweek was also impressed.




In 2009,  the Illustrators and Matte Artists Union (which also included storyboard artists)  merged with the Art Director’s Guild.  I spoke out in the newly created trade journal Perspective with the slightly mischievous intent that story board artists aren’t fully recognized for their contributions.



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