Doodling Away

Below are creations from my high-school days.  If I had not chosen art as a career path, they would just be evidence of a wasted talent.  Over thirty years later, with the experience of  many thousands of drawings behind me, they can be seen as charming examples of what was to come.

A typical page from high school.   Horrific handwriting and spelling but promising artwork.  I’m sure my teachers would agree that eventually made up for the poor English.

Another example of the topic of study being overwhelmed by the urge to draw.  There were other factors at work here as well.  Some of them are legal today.

Eventually I dedicated whole sheets of paper to the drawings.

Actually, this is not bad.

In many of my high school drawings you can see the influence of Roger Dean, who designed the album covers for the rock group Yes.

 Another haze-induced composition.

The power of magic… markers.

This has always been a favorite.

Here is a fine regurgitation of rock music and metaphysical paste.

Bugs bunny was my hero and I repeatedly tried to draw him.  Here are the three successful attempts.

Sometimes I would start a drawing by tracing over a tiny variation in the paper and see what shape arose.  (If you look really close on line paper you can see them)  This drawing began in such a manner and ended up as a pretty cool character.


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